366 Fitness is built on the philosophy of doing something Every day!
366 Fitness provides @Studio, In-Home, Virtual: Personal Training (1-on-1), Small Group Personal Training & Small Group Fitness classes.
My name is Anisha Sharma. I am a NASM certified personal trainer and graduate of the National Personal Training Institute; Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry from the UMASS Amherst. I hold a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist certification which emphasizes functional training methods that benefit a wide range of conditions such as those recovering from an injury, looking to reduce muscle imbalance, or seeking improved posture.
Whether you are looking to transition from Physical Therapy to Exercise; Lose weight/Fat; Build Muscle & Stronger Joints; Regain Posture/Balance, Build a better relationship with Food & Exercise and work on your fitness & wellness goals… I can build effective training programs that align with your specific goals.
I have experience working with a wide range of clients from ages 11 to 85 who represent a diverse mix of strength, ability, and fitness conditions. I have been working with Personal Trainers for over a decade and have firsthand knowledge of how one should be encouraged and motivated to achieve their fitness & wellness goals.
Since adopting a healthier lifestyle involves more than just exercise… I am your dedicated fitness traveling companion who can help you make positive lifestyle changes by providing you with education about fitness and health topics as you progress along in your fitness journey.
My training method involves not just physically help you meet your goals but also bringing along your mental focus so you can see how Fitness can be part of your life, like brushing your teeth. My goal is not to just put you through exercises but help you understand the “why” of the exercise so you can make that connection with your body and mind. My motto is to teach you things that you can take along with you and use it in your everyday life.
Therefore, I ask YOU to take a LEAP into FIT LIFE with me.



Start today with a workout program that is tailored to your goals. At every step of the way you will have the support, accountability and drive to get the results you want via in- studio sessions or work out at home or virtual personal training.


Boot Camp style workout focused on Strength & Conditioning to burn fat and build muscle, with a dose of corrective exercises to help combat those aches and pains. Participation will maximally enhance your fitness level by increasing strength, flexibility, balance and energy. The exercises change weekly and are optimized for a wide range of fitness levels. (1-2 people)


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  • Matt
  • Abby

Anisha is awesome! Super knowledgeable, helpful and will get you moving! She always makes it super fun while also giving you a very intense workout!

Greyson Young

Virtual bootcamp is brutal! Anisha is really good at being able to see everyone during bootcamp. She takes her time to make sure the exercises are done correctly and form is correct. I love the way Anisha instructs! I would recommend her bootcamps and training to everyone!!!

Eileen Kelley

Anisha helped me get fit and feel great. Each session she changes things up so your body is always working a new muscle. 10/10 would recommend 😊

Joe Ely

I started training with Anisha after realizing I had neglected weight training for far too long. She focuses on strength so that you can safely achieve your goals. She pushes you to your limits and then lends you the confidence to go farther. During a rather persistent shoulder injury, I was able to train with Anisha and quickly got to a point of no pain. She is knowledgeable and adapts easily to whatever you bring to the session that day. If you have a fitness or functional movement goal in mind, I know Anisha can help!

Lauren D. Ingold-Smith

A year ago, at age 72, I suffered a partial rotator cuff tear. After concluding my physical therapy sessions, my personal trainer, Anisha Sharma, followed up to make sure that I was doing the prescribed exercises correctly. More than that, thanks to Anisha, my shoulders are now level, posture is good and I no longer have lower back pain. My core is strong and my balance is good. My high school gym teacher wouldn’t believe the change.

 Richard Fein

I'm 71 yrs old. Balance is wonderful and I can walk, dance and do a lot of things that I love to do!!! Thanks to Anisha Sharma. I am very happy with the results of training with Anisha.  I tried for decades to lose extra weight, worked out for years (alone), treadmill, weights, etc. and once we began a real work out, I lost 20 lbs., gained muscle, and have never been in such great shape. I never could (or would) achieve the strength I have now, with expert training.  I started out saying to Anisha my goal is to "remain upright" (on my feet and avoid falling) as I head into my very senior years.  I have achieved that and more, strength and change to life habits. I would recommend (and do) Anisha to anyone who wishes to succeed.

 Susie May

I trained with Anisha Sharma for two years! She was the most effective trainer I have ever worked with - easy is not in her vocabulary and I left every workout stronger and grateful for having a coach that never let me give up on myself. She will push you further than you EVER thought you could go. She got me into the best shape of my life, physically and mentally. She was also very flexible with scheduling, which was greatly appreciated. I left for school in PA and wish she had a clone to work with me down here. If you want a coach that will truly transform the way you approach your fitness and your life for the better, Anisha at 366 Fitness is the way to go!

Stephanie Craig

Couldn't recommend Anisha more! After I broke my clavicle, Anisha helped me with weekly personal training, and help me regain full mobility and strength. Very professional, knowledgeable, and helpful.

Dominique Thiebaut

Anisha is highly motivated and passionate about training. if you're looking for results she will help you achieve your goals.

Matthew Badger

Anisha always knows how to kick your butt!!

Abby Antes


Monkey Bars

Peg Wall

Plyo Boxes

Step Bench

Pull-up Stations

TRX Stations

Battle Ropes

Slam Balls

Resistance Bands

Heavy Bags


and much more…..


Leg Press Machine

Squat Rack

Bench Press

Free Weights

Lat Pull Down Machine

Seated Row Machine

Dual Cable Machine

Ab Bench


Arc Trainer

and much more…

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